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Why just less light? Choose better light!

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Our experience - your trump card
We make the features of your design shine!
Together we can create new opportunities, enhancing the way people behave and perceive the built environment, your urban or landscape design, your architecture...

Having the professional support of Studio di Susanna Antico, means giving your project an additional dimension; giving your proposal an edge over others’.

we do

Conceiving and manipulating light to reinforce an architectural concept during dark hours and creating its wanted night-time image.

Through innovative and sustainable development practices, Studio Susanna Antico can emphasizes urban spaces, landscape and landmarks and creates the desired atmosphere for your project.

The practice gives the best lighting solutions: luminous, energy consumption and maintenance efficiencies without compromising the quality of the visual environment


Besides specific lighting projects and masterplanning, Studio Susanna Antico is also a partner in winning architectural and landscape contests.

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